White Feather Holiday Let Management founder Emma Nelson has swapped Christmas cards for charity cash this year as she donates to children’s cancer charity Holibobs, rather than sending out festive greetings.

White Feather has donated £100 to the cause, which enables children fighting cancer and leukaemia to receive short holidays in the UK.

Emma said: “In light of the additional strain on the charitable sector throughout this year, it was important to me to support a cause vulnerable to the sorts of funding restrictions 2020 has brought.

“The work of Holibobs makes an enormous difference to young people and their families as they take some precious time out to be together and make special memories.

“I’m delighted to be able to support them this Christmas, and I intend to work further with the children’s charity in 2021.”

Holibobs charity

Holibobs’ short holidays for children and their families enable young people fighting cancer and leukaemia to escape their difficult and tiring routines of medical appointments and treatment regimes, if only temporarily.

Emma added: “I know our clients and our suppliers won’t mind not receiving a Christmas card this year, and they’ll all be very supportive of our choice to support this cause.

“We’d like to invite anyone with a holiday home or a business in the local holiday industry to reach out to us if they would like information about how they can help us to support Holibobs throughout 2021.”

To get in touch, email info@whitefeathermanagement.co.uk